Advertising projects for local grocery chain across digital channels, in coordination with video and print campaigns. 




Social media campaigns often supported ongoing campaigns on print or TV. Sometimes, however, the advertising team had a chance to create original content separate from other marketing efforts. These campaigns focused less on conversion and sales metrics; they were meant to increase our following, create a relatable brand identity, and produce content that was highly sharable and got lots of engagement from our followers.

For Food Pun Friday, our team brainstormed, and I was tasked with designing visuals for the best puns. Users were also invited to submit their own under each post! The engagement was unprecedented, with over 1 million impressions and 530,000 engagements, increasing our Instagram following by a few hundred. 

Recipes made by our blog content writer often came with hundreds of unedited photos to choose from and sort. These were the recipes I selected to highlight our yearly store-wide event, Pumpkin & Apple Festival

Thank you November borrowed style elements from our Thanksgiving look, celebrating things we are thankful for. 

We also took user submissions to help come up with these. 

Turkey Alternatives #2 for FB/IG
Turkey Alternatie #3 for FB/IG


Turkey Alternatives was a social media contest across Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. Users were invited to share their favorite recipes main courses for Thanksgiving that were not turkey. The three best submissions were awarded $200 Harris Teeter gift cards.

Every week, I created additional social graphics for special events and sponsored vendor posts. These varied wildly in creative direction, sometimes being shot in-house at the HT warehouse, all the way to being pieced together from vendor-provided brand elements, curating stock photography, and everything in between.



One exciting expect of working for Harris Teeter has been the brand's versatility. Creatively, we always pushed our look in different directions, which guaranteed our loyal customers refreshing takes on each and every season of the year. I was tasked with three different themes to define for 2020, which would then be spread through all our channels and media by the other designers based on my templates.

Easter 2020 Moodboard

These took a lot of research into previous years, formats needed, color comparisons, and different iterations to be presented to the creative directors. After researching, I began with a few stock vector options, which I recolored or altered to fit the brand and season better. My favorite part was customizing the fonts and vector icons to create the season specific lockups. All this while keeping in mind scalability, visibility in print, product information and more. 




Out of the nearly 300 Harris Teeter stores, about 25 are considered 'Superflagship' stores. They have extra amenities, such as a full wine and beer bar, a large selection of fresh seafood, or a Starbucks cafe and dining area supported by a large hot bar selection. These stores hold special events and also have customized emails that go out every Friday.


When I first joined the team, I streamlined the process of creating these emails, and made each of the banners consistent as far as sizes, fonts, and treatments went. This made things much easier for creating such a large batch of banners every week, and also made sense out of managing vendor-provided and brand-specific assets from third parties. 



For a few years, Harris Teeter has focused marketing efforts around local produce in a very innovative angle. These large household names (as well as small farms and shoppes) come from somewhere, after all, and with the recent focus on shopping local and being conscious of the origins of our foods, this program was designed to highlight vendors origin stories and connect them to new and existing customers.

The millennial test, then, was a specific effort to try and convert more shoppers aged 20-35. I was tasked with developing the look of the new campaign, the landing page and design all the digital assets.

At the end of the six week campaign, there were over 3 million impression on all the advertisements, with an average CTR of 0.35%. Of the 36 thousand unique users on the landing page, 34 thousand were new users on the site.



Harris Teeter often partners with local organizations and non-profits in charity and donation campaigns.

Cashiers asked customers to round up and donate, in this case to LIVE UNITED, along with the web ads targeting existing customers. The ads and flyer at the register led back to the landing page I designed.

Among other partnerships and charity donation programs, Together in Education is one of the biggest ways HT gives back to the community. This program donates portions of Harris Teeter brand products bought in stores to the local schools associated with customers' personal loyalty cards. Each school in the program gets monthly newsletters, and users are targeted with ads reminding them to link their cards to their schools and shop for items in the program.


The e-VIC benefits page was a tough challenge to put together, as the messaging inside it and the links that led to it each came from different departments and referred to unrelated offers. I received a few bullet points of copy and was tasked with organizing the page as I best saw fit, given the constraints of our website platform. 


Harris Teeter's main focus for the past year has been their new Fuel Points campaign, which tied into their new Fuel Centers opening around the region. In summary, each dollar spent at a store with a loyalty card would equal one point towards discounts in Fuel. These campaigns sought to inform the public of the new program and how it worked.

Thank you.

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