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This is a furniture shopping experience unlike any other. The poster below would raise awareness as the store was built.

Jigsaw Community Workshop

Entrance graphics


I went to high school near the location where I envisioned this store. What I noticed on my day-to-day was the stark contrast between a very impoverished neighborhood, and very affluent ones right around the corner from them. This is an optimal scenario for obtaining good quality donations, building up the neighborhoods in need, and for furniture sales.

Income Map of Atlantic Ave Delray beach

Average income map of the area

Jigsaw Furniture Map

Proposed map of store

Caption text should look like this.

Jigsaw Furniture Illustration Map


Most of the marketing efforts for such a store would be focused around print materials. Bus stops, flyers and the donation truck would be seen around the neighborhood. In more affluent neighborhoods around the area, materials would focus on donations and explaining the renovation process. In the neighborhood of the shop, flyers, posters and leaflets would inform the viewer about workshops and opportunities.


The website would also serve three types of users: buyers, donators and community workshop members. The schedule of classes would be posted, as well as exceptional pieces in the inventory, sales, and traffic-driving content such as blogs and local artist interviews. Computers would be available in store to sign up community members to the workshops.


Finally, the interior of the store would be branded in the same fashion, and all students would receive a program T-shirt, which would help raise awareness of the program.

Thank you.

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