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Collaborative student project in marketing, managing and hosting the graduating class gallery show in a way never seen before.


Traditionally, every graduating class at Ringling College of Art + Design hosts a graduating exhibit, known as the "senior show." For Graphic Designers, this consisted of basically just choosing a caterer and printing portfolios. On the big day, each student would sit behind a desk displaying their business cards, giveaways and printed culmination of their work for the four years. In 2014, we decided we wanted more. We wanted to be unique, celebrate our differences. Some students wanted to display their photography and out-of-class assignments, some wanted to launch a new brand, others wanted to create an installation covering the entire gallery. How could we accommodate so many egos in one concerted effort?


Our professors were doubtful at first, but they eagerly supported our ideas after seeing how many volunteered to help. We started with a simple photoshoot of all classmates, and a request for all to doodle their inner "freaks" on top of their photos. From there, a branding committee developed the concept further, which guided the journey of a marketing campaign and the website. A printed yearbook was also designed by a small and focused team. Screenshot
FreakShow2014 Biography lightbox



Freak Show 2014 Yearbook page sample 1
Freak Show 2014 Yearbook page sample 2
Freak Show 2014 Yearbook page sample 3
Freak Show 2014 Yearbook page sample 4
Freak Show 2014 Yearbook page sample 5


Freak Show Gallery map back
Freak Show Gallery map front


The show was an outstanding success on campus. It reached crowds way beyond the usual drone and awkward family members and classmates– it was an experience!

Giselle Werneck Salgado Copywriting, Production

Kyle Taylor Coordinator, Marketing

Mariana Silva Coordinator, Web Design

Nathan Daviss Web Development

Margaret Lee Photography

Genesis Silva Brand Identity, Web Design

Anna Jones Brand Identity

Gabriella Thompson Brand Identity

Lisette Fall-Conroy Marketing

Laura Jontz Production

Elizabeth Kerr Production

Jessica Marinello Print Production

Jillian Bromby Print Production

Kim Daley Logistics, Event Organizer

Latisha Watkins Logistics, Event Organizer

Thank you.

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