Other than an online presence, your logo is the most important piece of marketing that will differentiate you from your competitors. A logo carries not only the face of the business, but its' values and ideas. Your logo is the first and last impression of your business to your clients and competitors. It can convey whether you're serious, playful, environmentally conscious, kid-friendly, educational, and much more. 

For each one of these logos, a 10-page questionnaire was filled out by my client, giving me insight into the business, its audience and uniqueness. From there, words come into play: I often develop various lists of associated nouns, adjectives and verbs that describe the business operations and its industry, which leads the way into puns, colors, word play and associations. After sketching a few iterations and presenting those to the client, I refine each of the options, making sure all imagery and fonts used are adaptable to the business and accessible in price. For the final product, my clients are provided with multiple versions, sizes, formats and iterations of the logo, logotype or logo-mark, scalable for uses as small as business cards or as large as truck covers.  

Thank you.

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