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A comprehensive marketing campaign for the Charlotte Pride 2018 season, focused on the Latinx outreach program. 


The bread and butter of Orgullo (Charlotte Latin Pride) were its fundraising events for the community. This was my first branded event of the season, a WhiteOut party at a local club. All events were marketed across social media channels & print.

WhiteOut poster on a bus stop
WhiteOut party advertisement on Twitter
WhiteOut poster process

WhiteOut event poster, process and social media promotion


Led entirely by volunteers, the Latin Pride program lacked direction and purpose at times. Collaborating with the previous marketing volunteer, I outlined a marketing plan that contained realistic deliverables and delegations to board members. The plan included a handbook limiting our scope and focusing on effectively expanding our reach in the community. 

Pride Parade
Marketing Plan checklist
Marketing handbook page 1
Marketing handbook page 3
Marketing handbook page 2

Marketing plan and handbook


Print pieces in multiple languages were vital to our campaign. Two impactful projects are shown below.

The first is a memorial piece signed by community during our event; an anniversary vigil to celebrate the lives lost in the Pulse massacre. This piece focused on the majority of victims that were of Puerto Rican origin; the piece was delivered to the memorial site shortly after the vigil.

Pulse nightclub memorial

Back of resource card in Spanish and English

Pulse memorial piece
Pulse Nigthclub Memorial detail
Resource card
Resource card Spanish

Back of resource card in Spanish

Resource card mockup
Resource card inside 2
Resource Card inside 1

The second print piece was a set of cards, one in Spanish and another in English, of community resources available for free around the city and state. These were printed en masse and handed out at such events like the vigil mentioned above. 

Inside of resource card in Spanish


Social media was the most cost effective way to reach our audience. As our marketing goal was to get higher event attendance, we updated all our channels (Twitter, Facebook and Instagram) often, directing our audience to upcoming events. Each event had visuals and copy customized for each platform, alongside print pieces distributed in the neighborhoods of Charlotte. The copy followed our previously outlined social media guidelines and themed hashtags, leaning on partnerships with sponsors and friendly local businesses for signal boosting. Below is a gallery of all our event visuals for Instagram.

Orgullo facebook page on a laptp


The website for Latin Pride lived within Charlotte Pride's domain, but we had full reign in its design and direction. Our focus was, once again, to get more event attendance. Therefore, our events section at the top was updated often. Information about Charlotte Pride was also displayed in Spanish and English, and the board was presented for an added sense of community and familiarity.

Orgullo Website


All in all, this was the most successful year Charlotte Latin Pride had ever seen in terms of event attendance and recognition in the city. Our events were properly themed and publicized, our voice was unified and timely, and our staff looked professional and prepared at every event. We photographed and reported live from all our shows, with social media reach being quadrupled in comparison to previous years. Our online presence delivered new partnerships with local organizations and news outlets, and our presence in the Charlotte Pride parade was, once again, the most lively and colorful around.


Six-month marketing campaign for a local Italian jewelry store, with refined photography and various print materials.

Orgullo nightclub merch
Orgulllo event photo
Orgullo print materials
Orgullo table
Orgullo Pride flags

Thank you.

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