Digital promotions for major corporate retailer brand, templated and designed in a fast-paced, highly collaborative environment.



For this re-design, the organization sought to create an entirely new landing page that was informed by customer behavior with the product it showcased. Information needed to be organized in a clear and concise way and displayed in a visually exciting experience. All the while, I worked around existing parameters that previously filtered the rug-shopping experience, keeping SEO optimization in mind.


Old landing page (left) and detail of new page (right)

Full page in detail, Desktop (left) and Mobile (right)


Lowe's is the biggest name in appliances in the US. I had the honor to work on the Appliances Page every few weeks, updating a previously designed template. With that in mind, I pitched a visual facelift in order to improve the storytelling aspect of it, while still preserving a format that could be changed quickly as requested by our vendors.


Initial updates to existing page

Improved design

Black Friday updates

Lowe's Black Friday Appliance Page
Lowe's improved Appliance Page
Lowe's old Appliance Page


Rather than simply downsizing a desktop experience, provided a custom mobile web layout designed in tandem by the homepage and mobile designer (in this case, me.)


Holiday homepage example

Holiday homepage example

Black Friday homepage 

Isolated spot samples, with creation process


Similar in style to the homepage and mobile assets, these supporting emails had to fit very specific platform constraints and still be designed uniquely and tell a story.

Email sample for Storage and Organization
Email sample for Bath Event
Email sample Kitchen Event
Email sample for Veteran's Day
Email sample for Holiday season

Banners were created to support various promotional items throughout the site.



Copy provided + Product image provided + Image chosen from database

Creation process example

Final result as seen on website.

Creation process of various banners..

Banners from various promotions and brands.

Thank you.

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